Grant Services

Overview Of Services

CGP&H services include grant and loan research, procurement, and administration. CGP&H secures more than $15 million each year for clients. More than $250 million has been realized to date for CGP&H clients.

CGP&H researches available and emerging funding opportunities; completes thorough and detailed applications; and upon request administers the successfully awarded grant projects or programs.

CGP&H provides grant writing and grant administration services for the following types of applications:

  • NJDCA Small Cities applications and reporting
  • Energy improvement funding
  • Public safety grants
  • NJDOT grants
  • Affordable housing funding
  • Brownfields grants
  • Historic preservation grants
  • Public infrastructure funding

Department Contact

Dave Gerkens, PP, AICP

(609) 664-2769
ext. 23

Grant Services Projects

Contact Dave Gerkens about the following grant opportunities:

United States Department of Agriculture Announces New FY 2024 Round for Farmers Market Promotion Program Grants. The United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) provides funds for projects that develop, coordinate and expand direct producer-to-consumer markets to help increase access to and availability of locally and regionally produced agricultural products. For this grant round priority consideration will be given to projects that benefit smaller farms and ranches, new and beginning farmers and ranchers, underserved producers, veteran producers and/or underserved communities.

Entities eligible to apply for FMPP funds include:

  1. Local governments
  2. Nonprofit and public benefit corporations
  3. Agricultural businesses and cooperatives
  4. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) networks and associations
  5. Food Councils
  6. Economic development corporations
  7. Producer networks or associations
  8. Regional farmers’ market authorities

Applicants must show evidence of evidence of existing community support and engagement, including collaboration with community groups and organizations. Deadline to apply is May 14, 2024.

US Department of Justice Office of Community Oriented Policing Announces New Funding Round for FY 2024 COPS Hiring Program Grants. The FY 2024 COPS Hiring Program (CHP) will provide funding to hire new or rehire career law enforcement officers in order to increase community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts. Applicants must have a community policing strategy and request the number of newly hired fulltime sworn career law enforcement officers necessary to implement that strategy. The following strategies will receive priority consideration for funding: building legitimacy and trust, violent crime/gun violence, combating hate and domestic extremism, police-based response to persons in crisis. All local and state law enforcement agencies that have primary law enforcement authority are eligible to apply. Deadline to apply: Applications will be accepted in a two-phase process: Submit SF-424 and SF-LLL on by June 6, 2024. Submit full application on JustGrants by June 12, 2024.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces FY 2025 Funding Round for Municipal Aid Program. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Municipal Aid Program funds projects that enhance safety, renew aging infrastructure, and support new transportation opportunities. The program provides the opportunity to secure funds for municipal public road and bridge improvement projects. All 565 municipalities in New Jersey are eligible to apply. Municipalities may submit up to 2 applications and are encouraged to submit projects that support walking and biking safety. Deadline to apply is July 1, 2024.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces FY 2025 Funding Round for Bikeways Program. The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Bikeways Program will provide grants to promote bicycling as an alternate mode of transportation in New Jersey.  Priority will be given to bikeways that are physically separated from motorized vehicles by an open space or barrier, but on-road bike paths and other bike routes and facilities are also eligible. All proposed projects must create new bike path mileage. Counties and municipalities are eligible to apply. Deadline to apply is July 1, 2024.

New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces FY 2025 Funding Round for Safe Streets to Transit Program. The NJ DOT Safe Streets to Transit program will provide grant funds to encourage counties and municipalities to construct safe and accessible pedestrian linkages to transit facilities, in order to promote increased usage of transit by all segments of the population. All projects should be located within 1 mile of a transit facility such as a rail station, bus stop or ferry terminal. Counties and municipalities are eligible to apply. Deadline to apply is July 1, 2024.

The addition of CGP&H significantly added to our ability or provide economic development services to our communities. CGP&H has assisted our municipalities in securing more than $21.1 million dollars for local projects which would have otherwise gone unfunded.
John B. Comegno II, Chairman , Burlington County Bridge Commission